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1 Conveying performance of drilling tool of auger miner at different strike angles based on discrete element method

Powder Technology

Nguyen (57218761488); Bo (56714437200); van Xo; Kai (57216970317); Hu; Lin (37023028800); Wang; Fu; Volume 378, 2021, Pages 202-215
2 Effects of size polydispersity on segregation of spherical particles in rotating drum

European Physical Journal E

Thi Lo (57194902789); Mutabaruka; Thanh-Trung (57195073132); Vu; Vo; Volume 44, Issue 6, 2021,
3 Characteristics of force transmission in cohesive agglomerates impacting a rigid surface

Mechanics Research Communications

Cuong T. (57220776877); Thanh-Trung (57195073132); Nguyen; Vo; Volume 117, 2021,
4 Numerical Simulation of the Effect of Void Direction and Volume on the Strength of Cemented Soil

International Journal of Geomechanics

Nhat-Phi (57208756141); Dong-Kiem-Lam (57217738208); Doan; Sung-Sik (36241850300); Tran; Park; Volume 22, Issue 3, 2021,
5 Investigation of force transmission, critical breakage force and relationship between micro-macroscopic behaviors of agricultural granular material in a uniaxial compaction test using discrete element method

Particulate Science and Technology

Tien-Thinh (57210310712); Le; Volume 40, Issue 5, 2022, Pages 620-637
6 Deep learning long short-term memory combined with discrete element method for porosity prediction in gravel-bed rivers

International Journal of Sediment Research

Van Hieu (57208533596); Quoc Bao (57208495034); Bui; Daniel Prakash (57201912255); Pham; Ahad Hasan (57200516335); Kushwaha; Duong Tran (57202873304); Tanim; Anh; 2022,
7 Longwall face stability analysis from a discontinuum-Discrete Fracture Network modelling

Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology

Joung (57216097562); Tien Dung (57192216734); Oh; Le; Volume 124, 2022,
8 Simulation of Non-Carious Cervical Lesions by Computational Toothbrush Model: A Novel Three-Dimensional Discrete Element Method


Junyoung (55716954600); Seok-Mo (7005363361); Park; Seungjun (57719546300); Heo; Duong Hong (56662332100); Lee; Jinsu (57208148041); Nguyen; Nam; Volume 22, Issue 11, 2022,
9 Addition of Solid Oxide Particles for Friction Reduction

Tribology Letters

Hitoshi (23010759700); Natsuko (57202678991); Washizu; Ai I. (57218269945); Sugimura; Akihiko (35231423200); Osaka; Le (55650539000); Yano; Van Sang; Volume 70, Issue 2, 2022,
10 Numerical investigation of sand production mechanisms in weak sandstone formations with various reservoir fluids

International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences

Yong (38863693300); Nguyen Hop (35180097200); Zhao; Furkhat (57220963023); Minh; Khamitov; Volume 154, 2022,
11 Pore network modeling of phase distribution and capillary force evolution during slow drying of particle aggregates

Powder Technology

Abdolreza (37023394500); Evangelos (7003540632); Kharaghani; Son Thai (57762140100); Chareyre; Pham; Volume 407, 2022,
12 Unified penetration depth of low-velocity intruders into granular packings

Physical Review E

Trung-Kien (57217775942); Thanh-Trung (57195073132); Nguyen; Vo; Volume 106, Issue 1, 2022,
13 yy Combination of Discrete Element Method and Artificial Neural Network for Predicting Porosity of Gravel-Bed River (vol 11, 1461, 2019)


Peter; Van Hieu Bui; Minh Duc Bui; Rutschmann; Volume 12, Issue 2, 2020,
14 Agglomeration of wet particles in dense granular flows

European Physical Journal E

Radjai F.; Pellenq R.; Izard E.; Nezamabadi S.; Volume 42, Issue 9, 2019,
15 Characterization of loading rate effects on the interactions between crack growth and inclusions in cementitious material

Computers, Materials and Continua

Zhuang X.; Zhou S.; Volume 57, Issue 3, 2019, Pages 417-446
16 From discrete to continuum modelling of boundary value problems in geomechanics: An integrated FEM-DEM approach

International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics

Dal Pont S.; Richefeu V.; Nguyen T.K.; Combe G.; Caillerie D.; Argilaga A.; Desrues J.; Volume 43, Issue 5, 2019, Pages 919-955
17 Advanced numerical modeling of sediment transport in gravel-bed rivers

Water (Switzerland)

Rutschmann P.; Bui M.D.; Volume 11, Issue 3, 2019,
18 Combination of discrete element method and artificial neural network for predicting porosity of gravel-bed river

Water (Switzerland)

Rutschmann P.; Bui M.D.; Volume 11, Issue 7, 2019,
19 Vertical Rods as a Seismic Reinforcement Technique for Rammed Earth Walls: An Assessment

Advances in Civil Engineering

Thai D.-K.; El-Nabouch R.; Bui T.-T.; Bui Q.-B.; Volume 2019, 2019,
20 Effects of consumer demand, product lifetime, and substitution ratio on perishable inventory management

Sustainability (Switzerland)

Wang W.Y.C.; Wood L.C.; Duong L.N.K.; Volume 10, Issue 5, 2018,
21 Dynamic discrete element modelling for seismic assessment of rammed earth walls

Engineering Structures

Bui T.-T.; Limam A.; Bui Q.-B.; Volume 175, 2018, Pages 690-699
22 Superheated steam drying of single wood particles: A characteristic drying curve model deduced from continuum model simulations and assessed by experiments

Drying Technology

Tsotsas E.; Kharaghani A.; Hampel N.; Le K.H.; Volume 36, Issue 15, 2018, Pages 1866-1881
23 Investigation into macroscopic and microscopic behaviors of wet granular soils using discrete element method and X-ray computed tomography

EPJ Web of Conferences

Bornert M.; Aimedieu P.; Pereira J.-M.; Roux J.-N.; Tang A.-M.; Volume 140, 2017,
24 Investigation into the isotropic compression of wet granular soils using discrete element method

E3S Web of Conferences

Pereira J.-M.; Tang A.-M.; Roux J.-N.; Volume 9, 2016,
25 Discrete modelling of excavation in fractured rock by NSCD method

Geotechnical Engineering

Dubois F.; ThiThuHang T.; Volume 47, Issue 1, 2016, Pages 62-68
26 Coupled discrete-continuum method for studying load-deformation of a stone column reinforces rail track embankments

Procedia Engineering

Tung T.M.; Ngo N.T.; Volume 142, 2016, Pages 139-145
27 Discrete element simulation of wet granular materials: Plastic compression

Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Particle-Based Methods - Fundamentals and Applications, PARTICLES 2015

Pereira J.-M.; Tang A.-M.; Roux J.-N.; Than V.-D.; 2015, Pages 789-800
28 Validation of partially flexible rod model based on discrete element method using beam deflection and vibration

Powder Technology

Park J.; Kang N.; Nguyen D.H.; Volume 237, 2013, Pages 147-152
29 Erosion dynamics of wet particle agglomerates

Computational Particle Mechanics

Vo T.-T.; Volume 3, Issue 8, 2020, Pages 601 - 612
30 A study on bond breakage behavior of weak Cretaceous Kazakhstani reservoir sandstone analogue

Geomechanics for Energy and the Environment

Fok S.C.; Zhao Y.; Minh N.H.; Kozhagulova A.; Volume 21, 2020,
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