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Viral etiology of encephalitis in children in Southern Vietnam: Results of a one-year prospective descriptive study

van Tan L. Oxford University Clinical Research Unit, South East Asia Infectious Diseases Clinical Research Network, Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Ho Chi Minh City, United Kingdom|
de Jong M.D. | van Doorn H.R. | Farrar J. | Schultsz C. | Nga T.V.T. | Hien V.M. | Tram T.T. | van Vinh Chau N. | Hien T.T. | Khanh T.H. | van Cam B. Department of Medical Microbiology, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands| Bao L.Q. Centre for Poverty-Related Communicable Diseases, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands| Hue N.B. Centre for Tropical Medicine, Oxford University, Oxford, United Kingdom| Ha D.Q. Paediatric Hospital Number One, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam| Qui P.T. Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam|

PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases Số 10, năm 2010 (Tập 4, trang -)

ISSN: 19352727

ISSN: 19352727

DOI: 10.1371/journal.pntd.0000854

Tài liệu thuộc danh mục: Scopus



Từ khóa: age distribution; article; causal attribution; child; child health; childhood mortality; controlled study; Cytomegalovirus; Dengue virus; descriptive research; Enterovirus; female; Glasgow coma scale; Herpes simplex virus; human; Influenza virus A; Japanese encephalitis virus; major clinical study; male; outcome assessment; preschool child; prognosis; prospective study; real time polymerase chain reaction; reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction; school child; serodiagnosis; Viet Nam; virus culture; virus encephalitis; virus identification; virus pathogenesis; adolescent; age; classification; coma; hospitalization; infant; isolation and purification; methodology; mortality; pathology; Viet Nam; virology; virus; virus encephalitis; Adolescent; Age Factors; Child; Child, Preschool; Coma; Encephalitis, Viral; Female; Humans; Infant; Male; Prospective Studies; Severity of Illness Index; Vietnam; Virology; Viruses
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Background: Acute encephalitis is an important and severe disease in children in Vietnam. However, little is known about the etiology while such knowledge is essential for optimal prevention and treatment. To identify viral causes of encephalitis, in 2004 we conducted a one-year descriptive study at Children's Hospital Number One, a referral hospital for children in southern Vietnam including Ho Chi Minh City. Methodology/Principal Findings: Children less than 16 years of age presenting with acute encephalitis of presumed viral etiology were enrolled. Diagnostic efforts included viral culture, serology and real time (RT)-PCRs. A confirmed or probable viral causative agent was established in 41% of 194 enrolled patients. The most commonly diagnosed causative agent was Japanese encephalitis virus (n = 50, 26%), followed by enteroviruses (n = 18, 9.3%), dengue virus (n = 9, 4.6%), herpes simplex virus (n = 1), cytomegalovirus (n = 1) and influenza A virus (n = 1). Fifty-seven (29%) children died acutely. Fatal outcome was independently associated with patient age and Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) on admission. Conclusions/Significance: Acute encephalitis in children in southern Vietnam is associated with high mortality. Although the etiology remains unknown in a majority of the patients, the result from the present study may be useful for future design of treatment and prevention strategies of the disease. The recognition of GCS and age as predictive factors may be helpful for clinicians in managing the patient. � 2010 Tan et al.

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