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61 Decay estimates on Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces of the Stokes flows and the incompressible Navier-Stokes flows in half-spaces

Journal of Differential Equations

Bui; Volume 340, 2022, Pages 83-110
62 Examining the heterogeneity of financial development in the energy-environment nexus in the era of climate change: Novel evidence around the world

Energy Economics

Trinh; Volume 116, 2022, Pages -
63 Evaluation of machine learning models for load-carrying capacity assessment of semi-rigid steel structures

Engineering Structures

Truong; Volume 273, 2022, Pages -
64 Findings from a pilot study of buprenorphine population pharmacokinetics: A potential effect of HIV on buprenorphine bioavailability

Drug and Alcohol Dependence

Bart; Volume 241, 2022, Pages -
65 Chemical functionalization of SnAs monolayer: a first-principles study of SnAsX (X = Cl, Br, and I) monolayers

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics

Vi; Volume 55, Issue 50, 2022, Pages -
66 A Nonlocal IGA Numerical Solution for Free Vibration and Buckling Analysis of Porous Sigmoid Functionally Graded (P-SFGM) Nanoplate

International Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics

Tran; Volume 22, Issue 16, 2022, Pages -
67 Syntheses, Structures, and Biological Activities of Pd(II) and Pt(II) Complexes with some 1-picolinoyl-4-substituted Thiosemicarbazides

Journal of Molecular Structure

Nguyen; Volume 1269, 2022, Pages -
68 Antidiabetic and Renoprotective Effects of Ethyl Acetate Fraction of Mimosa pudica Linn. Leaves Extract in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Mice

Current Bioactive Compounds

Lan; Volume 18, Issue 10, 2022, Pages 9-18
69 Harvesting of a Stochastic Population Under a Mixed Regular-Singular Control Formulation

Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications

Tran; Volume 195, Issue 3, 2022, Pages 1106-1132
70 Accurate discharge and water level forecasting using ensemble learning with genetic algorithm and singular spectrum analysis-based denoising

Scientific Reports

Nguyen; Volume 12, Issue 1, 2022, Pages -
71 Survival fluctuation is linked to precipitation variation during staging in a migratory shorebird

Scientific Reports

Brlík; Volume 12, Issue 1, 2022, Pages -
72 Efficient CRISPR-Cas9-mediated mutagenesis in primary human B cells for identifying plasma cell regulators

Molecular Therapy - Nucleic Acids

Volume 30, 2022, Pages 621-632
73 XX/XY sex chromosomes in a blind lizard (Dibamidae): Towards understanding the evolution of sex determination in squamates

Journal of Evolutionary Biology

Rovatsos; Volume 35, Issue 12, 2022, Pages 1791-1796
74 Improving hypertension awareness and management in Vietnam through a community-based model

Scientific Reports

McGuire; Volume 12, Issue 1, 2022, Pages -
75 Trading-off between being contaminated or stimulated: Are emerging countries doing good jobs in hosting foreign resources?

Journal of Cleaner Production

Tran; Volume 379, 2022, Pages -
76 Transitions of self-management behaviors and frailty status among community-dwelling older adults: a national longitudinal population-based cohort study

BMC Geriatrics

To; Volume 22, Issue 1, 2022, Pages -
77 Characterization of indoor and ambient air quality in modern commercial and recreational complex buildings in Hanoi

Atmospheric Environment

Volume 291, 2022, Pages -
78 Burden and mortality of sepsis and septic shock at a high-volume, single-center in Vietnam: a retrospective study

Hospital practice (1995)

Hieu; Volume 50, Issue 5, 2022, Pages 407-415
79 House price prediction using hedonic pricing model and machine learning techniques

Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience

Zaki; Volume 34, Issue 27, 2022, Pages -
80 Saving and dissaving under Ramsey–Rawls criterion

Journal of Mathematical Economics

Volume 103, 2022, Pages -
81 A Q-learning-based routing scheme for smart air quality monitoring system using flying ad hoc networks

Scientific Reports

Lansky; Volume 12, Issue 1, 2022, Pages -
82 Estimation of pesticide residues on leafy vegetables using a developed handheld spectrometer

Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry

Ngo; Volume 12, Issue 6, 2022, Pages 8163-8173
83 Finite convergence of extragradient-type methods for solving variational inequalities under weak sharp condition

Computational and Applied Mathematics

Trinh; Volume 41, Issue 8, 2022, Pages -
84 Coaggregation of micro polystyrene particles and suspended minerals under concentrated salt solution: A perspective of terrestrial-to-ocean transfer of microplastics

Marine Pollution Bulletin

Vu; Volume 185, 2022, Pages -
85 On CR maps from the sphere into the tube over the future light cone

Advances in Mathematics

Volume 410, 2022, Pages -
86 A new modified forward–backward–forward algorithm for solving inclusion problems

Computational and Applied Mathematics

Thong; Volume 41, Issue 8, 2022, Pages -
87 Life-cycle cost analysis of an innovative marine dual-fuel engine under uncertainties

Journal of Cleaner Production

Volume 380, 2022, Pages -
88 UnfairGAN: An enhanced generative adversarial network for raindrop removal from a single image

Expert Systems with Applications

Nguyen; Volume 210, 2022, Pages -
89 Supramolecular [2]pseudo-rotaxane polymer containing blue anthracene donor guest and green naphthalimide acceptor host as a FRET-ON sensor for hydrogen sulfide detection

Dyes and Pigments

Gouda; Volume 208, 2022, Pages -
90 Nutrient recovery from digested sludge centrate using alkali metals from steel-making slag

Chemical Engineering Journal

Vu; Volume 450, 2022, Pages -
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